The AltaLink B8155 B&W MFP

The Xerox AltaLink B8155 is among a highly versatile black and white copier. It produces quality black and white copies with clarity and speed for pages up to 11×17.

The unit also features a walkup fax and a Xerox RFID card reader. Its printing speed is up to 55 prints per minute, and its duty cycle is up to 250,000 images per month. This trusty workhorse can print its first page as fast as 3.2 seconds. It can also copy its first page out in just 3.7 seconds. 

The maximum copy resolution that this unit can provide you is 600 x 600 dpi. Plus, you will have access to different copy features, including auto paper select, authentication services, auto tray switching, transparencies, etc. 

The Xerox AltaLink B8155 comes with a 128GB SSD, and you also have the option to go for a 500 GB hard drive. So, you have plenty of storage to create with. It means that the printer can conveniently handle tougher printing jobs with speed and efficiency. 

This printer is compatible with different versions of Windows up to Win 11 and different versions of Win Server, Win XP, and even Win Vista. It can work with Mac OS up to 10.11 and is compatible with Fedora, Linux, Ubuntu, and RedHat. 

The AltaLink B8155 also comes with different scanning features. These include automatic shadow and background suppression, compression file control. Bound singles, edge erase, and others. You can even scan to your cloud repositories such as One Drive, Google Drive, or Dropbox. The printer can conveniently scan JPEG, TIFF, PDF, and PDF/A. The faxing features of this printer include Fax build job, and inter fax, etc. 

It has a standard paper capacity of 3140 sheets, while its maximum paper capacity is 6140 sheets. Moreover, it comes with EPEAT and Energy Star certifications. It also has ISO 15408 Common Criteria certification. 

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