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Amazing Xerox & Canon Copiers - Orlando Sales & Leasing

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Step 1 - Request Quote

The first step is to let us know you need a quote on a copier.  Once we know you are looking we will ask a few simple questions to help your company get the best copier fit.  We then send you this quote in an easy to understand format.

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Step 2 - Approve Quote

Your team will then consider the options and accessories and help configure the copier to have exactly what you need on it.  We then get you lease documents you sign to get the copier ordered.

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Step 3 - Order and Install

Next, we order the copier and work with your IT department to help make sure the copier is working for everyone on your team.  You sign another document or two and we send you toners so you can have those on the shelf!

Getting a NEW Copier is EASY with us!


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No more toner forms to track.  We automatically ship and help keep your stock at the right levels.  With technology tracking your prints, should you have to manually report meters?

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We have technicians who report to their team and are graded on first resolution calls, meaning there is incentives for them to get it right the first time and not have lemons in the field!

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In many cases, you can call us and we can remotely help you get your copier working again.  We don't see any reason for you to wait longer than you need to in order to print and copy ASAP!

Time to Make Sure Your Copier is Working for You!