Printing From Chromebooks to Your Xerox Device

Chromebooks have certainly become a thing in recent years. Many people have decided to make a switch from Windows or Mac to Chromebooks. With each update, these systems are integrating more and more features. But many of these features are still unknown to their new users. Many users want to know how to send prints to the Xerox printer using your Chromebook. 

If you are not familiar with or are using a Chromebook for the first time, you might be thinking about how they are different from Windows or Mac laptops. These Chromebooks are lightweight computers that are entirely based on the Chrome operating system by Google. 

These Chromebooks feature different applications including Docs, Slides, Sheets, Gmail, and so many others. The best part is you do not have to purchase any additional software program to use these apps. 

In other words, Chromebooks are simplified, and lightweight IT management solutions and are ideally suitable for educational purposes. 

But if you do not have a compatible printer, using your Chromebook for printing can be pretty challenging. Xerox has a range of Chromebook-compatible and multifunction printers that support basic needs and work on a local network. Chromebooks are pretty straightforward to set up. You can use your Chromebook and send prints to your Xerox printers from various applications with this application. You do not need any drivers to install the printer. 

 Moreover, you will not need any software program to run. Just make sure you are running Chromebook OS v79 or above to use the direct print features with Xerox printers. 

  • To add your Xerox printer to your Chromebook, go to Settings on your laptop and choose Advanced.
  • Under Printing, you can select Printers. 
  • You can type your printer IP address in, and you are all done. 
  • For printing, select Ctrl + p, or you can select that printer icon in your google app. 
  • Choose the printer destination, and you are ready to print. 

If you are looking for Xerox copiers and printers for use with your Chromebook, contact Copiers Orlando today!