A Few Friendly Reminders

As we wave goodbye to 2020 and say hello to 2021, here are a few reminders to help ensure the best results for your Xerox printer.

  1. Check your supplies to make sure that you have everything that you may need on hand or consider signing up for Xerox eConcierge. Please note that not all devices are compatible with this feature.
  2. Check the Drivers and Downloads page for your machine for any available software/firmware updates.
  3. Clean your machine. For cleaning instructions, check the manual or support page for your device. Be sure to clean both the outside and inside of your machine. To avoid potential paper jams or other issues, make sure to clean your scan glass and rollers.
  4. Consider signing up for automatic meter reads and supply replenishment to help save time and make sure that you have all of the supplies you need.
  5. Be sure that your paper supply meets the required specification of your printer and that it is stored properly to prevent jams and other image quality issues.
  6. Check out the Xerox security page and add it to your bookmarks so that you may periodically check for any news regarding security on your device.
  7. Consider also bookmarking other helpful pages such as the Customer Support Community Forum page and subscribe to the Xerox YouTube Support Channel to stay up to date on new videos.

Need more information or have questions about your Xerox device? Call us today at 407-789-3993.