What You Should Know About the New Safer Default Password

On January 1, 2020, the new California state law SC-327  was passed that changed the way passwords are handled for devices connected to the internet. This law requires that manufacturers of any device connected to the internet that want to sell their products in California must have “reasonable security features” on their devices. Those that fail to comply with this will face enforcement from both local officials and the California General.

Not in California? Even for those who are California residents may see the effects of this law as manufacturers cannot make this change to just the products being sold in that state. Therefore, this new requirement will be seen everywhere.

How does this affect my Xerox Device?

For Xerox devices, this means that there will no longer be a universal default password as the 1111 default password used on most Xerox devices does not meet the new requirements for the law. Default passwords will now be the serial number of the device. Be sure to note that the password for most machines are case sensitive. The system administrator should change the password so that it is both unique and easy to remember then store it in a secure location.

If your software/firmware has been updated recently, you may have already been promoted by your machine for this new default password. After a device has been updated, the new rules will apply and the new default password for the machine will be the serial number of your device.

Visit the support page for more information on changing your password. Should your device get defaulted to the serial number as the password, be sure to change to something more secure to protect your data. Once a password is changed from the default, if the new one is lost or forgotten, you will need to meet with a technician to reset the password back to default.

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